As a brand in the age of social media, it is more important than ever to have strong imagery that impresses your customer, increases engagement, and ultimately leads to sales.  As the first impression of your product, brand, clothing line, etc – the imagery should be professional, high-end, and help you stand out from your competitors.

At Anthony Grassetti Photography, we have extensive experience in all types of commercial fashion photography, from look-books to E-Comm.

Look Book Photography

In addition, Anthony has vast experience working with clients in Boston, NYC, and Los Angeles on their look books. Look books are some of the best ways to market and showcase a new line of clothing. No matter the style – commercial, whimsical, avant-garde, or high fashion – Anthony Grassetti is able to transform a vision into marketing material perfectly suited for your future customers

Single Brand Editorial

Similar to a look book, a single brand editorial uses products from your brand, but is shot in a style you would see in a fashion magazine, like Vogue.  Whereas a regular editorial would feature numerous different brands, a single-brand editorial only uses your items, and can thus be used for advertising while still having an editorial/magazine look.


For your website, it is equally important to have images that showcase your products and lets customers see what they’re buying.  These types of images are typically shot on a while background and focus on clear imagery of your product.  Whereas look books and editorials focus on fewer items, E-Commerce shots tend to be volume based and are suitable for starting, or refreshing your entire website.  For further examples of E-Comm type images, head over to the product photography page by clicking here.

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