Hiring a makeup artist is a great way to take your photoshoot to the next level.  If it is your first time hiring a makeup artist, the following tips may make the process easier and more enjoyable for you and the artist.  For this interview, we consulted Alicia Dane, a makeup artist with whom we have worked many times.  She is highly recommended!

Hiring a Makeup Artist

Hair and Makeup by Alicia Dane. Styled by Taylor Greeley. Model is Kitty @ Heroes Model Management.

Q: What should models arrive to the shoot with as far as whats on their skin, makeup, etc?

A:  A clean, bare face is the best way to arrive to your shoot. It gives the makeup artist a clean canvas to work off of and saves valuable time. Hair should be clean and completely dry, no more than one day “old”.

Q: What should the models wear for the application so as to not ruin the style upon changing?

Wearing something that comes off easily is best. A loose neck or button down shirt are good ways to achieve that. That way the clothing doesn’t disturb the hair and makeup.

Q:  What is some information they should know about their own skin that you might ask them?

A: Being able to let the makeup artist know your skin type (the technical word is “condition” but that doesn’t translate to regular people how it should) play an important role in the application. A great example would be if you get very oily when wearing makeup. If you are unsure, keep an eye on your skin the days leading up to the shoot.  I would also like to add that trying new products before a photoshoot is something to stay away from. A reaction to a new product could be very bad!

Q:  What is the first step you usually take with their skin?

First cleansing then lots of skin preparation to make the makeup look the best it can.

Q:  How long is an average application for makeup?

Makeup and hair application should generally take 1 hour. [Photographer’s Note:  Up to an hour is expected, anything more should be pre-arranged.]

Q: Can you talk about what a “look” is and why the number of looks is predetermined based on price?

There are multiple reasons why a certain makeup and hair look affects the photoshoot and the cost that goes along with it. It can make or break the differences between sets as to not let the viewers know that many of your photos were shot on the same day, and it can also be a very crucial part in creating a character or portraying a certain mood. All of which take time and skill to create. [Photographer’s Note: Be sure to be aware how many looks are included in the cost.  Asking for an additional look during the shoot without expecting an additional fee can be an awkward situation!]

Q: What is the expected industry range for cost?

A professional hair and makeup artist ranges in price depending on the photoshoot. The artist’s fee generally ranges from $150 upwards. [Photographer’s note:  Generally the cost in New England is $150 – $250.  Commercial clients; the rate will be higher!  These rates are for individual models hiring a makeup artist.]

Q: Should they tip?  How much?

There is no consensus for tipping your artist. It is not required, nor is it expected, but the gesture is very kind if you find yourself inspired to do so.

Q: Any other tips and tricks?

A few things to remember: Make your artist aware of any allergies or sensitivities in the event they do not ask, drink plenty of water the week prior to your shoot, and lastly, be courteous when posting on social media and tag them!

Hopefully you find this helpful!  Thank you again Alicia.  To see more of her work, you can visit her website!  As always, if you would like to book a shoot to create or update your portfolio, click here.