Should You Include a Hair and Makeup Artist?

Often times, clients are unsure whether they should include a hair and makeup artist.  A client may feel they can do their own makeup, or prefer a natural look and would thus not need a makeup artist to help.

Though the above may be true, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Makeup for photography is different than day-to-day makeup.  Though you may be very good at applying your own makeup, it tends to not hold up to studio lighting.  Our hair and makeup artists are industry professionals with years of experience working on commercial and fashion photography sets.  They know what type of makeup is best for the specific lighting techniques we will use.
  2. The makeup artist stays for the duration of the shoot, and can create multiple looks at no additional cost.  The makeup artist is on hand for touchups, and is constantly working with the photographer to be sure every image is perfect.  In addition, the hair/makeup artist will help position the hair for each photo, and even create wind effects in your hair when needed.  They are more than just a hair and makeup artist, but rather an additional set of eyes to help perfect the image.
  3. We only work with a select few hair and makeup artists, all of whom are agency signed and working in commercial and fashion photography.
  4. The hair and makeup artist takes 100% of their fee.  There is no financial gain for Anthony Grassetti Photography whether a hair and makeup artist is included or not.

Having said this, whether to include the hair and makeup artist is of course up to you, your budget, and your goals for the shoot.  Whichever you prefer, we will be happy to work with you!